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Aluminum - the ultimate material...
Aluminum Extrusions are of the most controllable man made substance available for structural design, and engineered products. Depending on where a component is used, how it is shaped, and how it is impacted by usage and other elements like weather, wind, etc., very precise choices can be made. You can choose an alloy that is ridged, or very flexible, or extra tough, or very soft, all for the specific intended purpose. You can choose various coatings for the most durability in a high wear position, or proximity to chemicals or environmental issues that will affect performance. This is why Extruded Aluminum is used in the construction of Aircraft, Bridges, Boats, Medical equipment, Spacecraft, and anything where long life cycles, safety, precision and controlled performance are required.

Lightweight, Durable, Dependable Aluminum is the ultimate building material. The primary infrastructure (framework) is extremely strong, yet very light weight. This makes the overall safety and security of the system far superior to steel or timbers. Steel rusts and needs frequent repainting, and Wood deteriorates as a framework due to rot at critical points.

Alcuf is 100% recyclable, and is very close to 100% reusable. This cannot be said of any other structural material in this class. At any point during the life span of your Alcuf Product, the extruded aluminum can be recycled if a site has to be demolished, or it can be moved and reused. The value of the material is never lost. Your original material investment is retained more than any other building material. The result is your original investment delivers the highest return available, and Aluminum is never wasted or found in a land fill. At the time of writing, 75 percent of all aluminum produced since 1888 is still in use!

Alcuf Systems are inherently convertible as well. For example, if you want to change your railing from pickets to glass. You can increase the height of your railing and change the infill to wood inserts, or Aluminum Extruded panels for privacy. You can also change it back. This is all assuming your local building codes and/or bylaws allow such design changes, but the point is - it is possible.

Initial Installations and Future Work are achieved without the need of heavy equipment, heavy transport, or special handling requirements. This not only results in reduced initial Installation costs, but affects life cycle costs as future repair, expansion or maintenance remain minimized to the end user.

Expansion or Maintenance is minimized as there is no need to refinish the system, and any components that are damaged or eventually wear, are simple to remove and replace. In the last few decades, maintenance has been typically limited to spray washing the system to keep it clean.

Built to suit varying site conditions. Alcuf is not prefabricated, it is designed to be assembled on site and adapt to varying sizes and shapes of buildings. This means reduced limits to its target markets, and inherent adaptability to varying building design and builder dimensions and practices. This flexibility makes future expandability or reconfiguration equally as flexible. Another future cost reduction when applicable.

Integrated Design. Alcuf Systems can be used for community perimeters, noise barriers, privacy, property dividers, traffic and access control systems, decks, balconies or railings, and Pavilions for garbage management, equipment storage, or other applications (where unheated buildings are required). All systems can be integrated and look great together aesthetically, appearing to be the same system. For example, the framework for the perimeter of a neighbourhood would have to be substantially heavier to handle the additional weight of an infill that might have to be much thicker than internal fencing, or privacy panels on a Balcony, to reduce street noise. But in appearance and style, they appear the same.

Structurally engineered to support the weight of a variety of infill ranging from Aluminum Extruded Panels (not roll formed), Wood, Glass, and other composites. Structurally engineered to support wind loading based on your location in North America, your local building codes, the infill used, etc. Our structural designs can meet building codes, and bridge codes.

Predictable and Proven. Alcuf Systems performance is very predictable and proven. This is very important for budgeting maintenance and support costs in a Condominium Corporation or in any environment where true life cycle cost is important to the buyer and future owner responsible for maintenance and upkeep costs. Really this includes everyone. This also applies to safety and other performance points. Predictability and proven performance is what makes Alcuf Systems the least expensive solution in the long run, and what gives you the best value solution from day one.

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