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Double Post System for wood

Product Overview

For Residential and Light Commercial Applications with WOOD

Aluminum is known as the ultimate building material which never rots or warps like wood. Alcuf Frames are engineered with strategically designed shapes to provide maximum strength where needed, and using alloys that can match or exceed the strength of any other building material. In this tradition of providing a maintenance free frame system, ALCUF now introduces the Double Post System.


The ALCUF Double Post System is basically a replacement post for a traditional wood fence. The most important part of the fence is the frame, and likewise, the most important part of the frame is the post. This is partly because it is the key mounting and supporting member to the rest of the fence structure, and partly because it is the most expensive component to install and reinstall in the future. Where a wood post does not last forever, an Aluminum ALCUF Double Post does.

Now there is a new possibility when a fence starts to look bad. Normally, if it is all wood construction, you rip it down and start over. This is constantly being done all the time all over the country. If you use ALCUF Double Posts, and your fence needs to be "renovated" after many years of good service, the most expensive part will still be in place.

Where traditional ALCUF systems provide post and rails in aluminum, the ALCUF Double Post System is an alternative that provides an upgraded traditional fence design using lifetime aluminum posts. This significantly increases the quality of the finished product, and most importantly the life. Where ALCUF has always provided the ULTIMATE solutions for fencing, this new system provides a very PRACTICAL solution when using more traditional concepts. Because of it's inherent high quality, we felt justified in its right to bear the ALCUF name.

The post is a two piece component, joined together with specially designed fittings that permit your typical horizontal top and bottom rails to pass through it. The rails can be secured to the post at any elevation, and at any grade angle. This allows for flexibility and ease of installation. Top and bottom rails can be spliced/joined simply by hiding the joints inside the post. The installation of these posts is exactly the same as any other fence post. The inserting of rails and bracket assemblies do not require any additional skilled labour than any other fence post. In fact, it requires less labour and provides adjustability unavailable with more traditional approaches. One of the key factors in reducing labour and making your fence layout much easier, is the fact that the Double Post System does not require fixed post spacing. Since the rails pass through the posts, if a post cannot be placed at an exact post spacing interval due to rock or other typical unforeseen circumstances, you can simply move it over, and it will not cause problems mounting rails later.

Horizontal rails are mounted inside the post using special brackets which are designed with a wedged shaped edge that cause the posts to compress together firmly securing the rail sandwiched inside it. These brackets allow complete adjustability for height or grading conditions. All with a standard 1/2" box end wrench. This way rails are fastened to the posts without the use of nails or screws that typically degrade at these connections after years of ground movement, and general weathering. With the ALCUF Double Post System, if a post settles and the fence needs adjustment, it's easy to do.

Styles are as unlimited as with traditional systems, but in addition you have one unique advantage. For situations where a fence line would be desired to follow a curve, it's very simple with the ALCUF Double Post System. Installations using 2 pieces of 1x6 as a top rail permit a laminated effect when flexed to follow a curved fence line. This is used, for example, at the entrance of residential property developments, or institutions. It can equally be as effective in a residential application at the sides of a house, in which case the visual effect would cause the property to look wider. For more information consult your authorized dealer.

More and more we find the consumer trying to utilize a higher quality wood when possible. Nobody likes maintenance. Especially since you know that by using ALCUF Double Posts you will have a fence standing for much longer than usual, it is important to seek the best quality and value in your lumber choice. (See Alcuf Product Memo #4 re: Wood).

Pressure treated wood is fast becoming less attractive to the consumer with increased public knowledge of the hazardous chemicals used in the process. The fact is that most pressure treated wood is not that effective today. The original concept for pressure treating was to Kiln dry the wood prior to treatment. In most cases today, this stage is omitted to reduce costs. We find it most unfortunate since the consumer cannot always see the difference. If the wood is not Kiln dried prior to pressure treating , the treatment has little or no effect since the chemicals cannot adequately penetrate the natural moisture found in today's wood source. Cutting wood today is a serious matter. We try more and more to be better managers of our forests, and as a result, when a tree is ready to cut, it's also ready to ship and use right away in construction. As a result, the lumber is green and needs to be forced dry before pressure treating has any effect. Since this process is typically omitted, this means the rotting process is not significantly reduced, and the frequency of boards warping is not reduced. In our Alcuf Product Memo #4 we discuss wood, and recommend species that can be used with no treatment whatsoever.

Features and Benefits

  • Follows any grade angle or elevation
  • Installation is the same as any other fence post, in fact it is easier to install
  • Unlimited designs as the fence frame and infill are built the same as any conventional wood fence
  • Elevation adjustability
  • Does not require fixed post spacing, and spacing is typically farther apart than wood posts
  • Post lasts forever, no rotting
  • Renovate an old fence with this new post (Normally the posts fail first and make everything else look bad)
  • Downloads

    Alcuf Double Post for wood Product Sheet
    Alcuf Care Support Program
    Alcuf Product design points and life cycle expectations


    The Instruction Sheet is on the last page of the 'Alcuf Double Post for wood Product Sheet'.


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