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Noise Barrier Systems
Product Overview

The ALCUF framing system provides full edge concealment of a variety of cover materials - aluminum extruded panels, wood, composites, etc.

The most durable, and maintenance free of these cover materials is the Aluminum Extruded Panel (AEP). Alcuf Aluminum Panels are interlocking aluminum panels, extruded using high strength modern alloys. Panel design provides a continuous corrugated screening. Common uses are for optimum privacy, security, and Noise Barriers. Alcuf Aluminum Panels have been tested by the National Research Council of Canada, and have received a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 20. This is a typical performance requirement for Noise Barriers.

The Panels have been designed to interlock. Each panel is more than 6 inches wide providing an effective coverage of 6 inches when installed. The extruded thickness of the Panels are a base 2.00 mm thick with .05 longitudinal texture ribs on both sides at 6.35 mm intervals on the outside surfaces. These texture lines provide a more durable surface, and add strength to the profile, and are also incorporated for aesthetic reasons.

There are two profile thicknesses (depth of corrugation). The Standard Panel (approx 3/4 inches deep) is for use with Alcuf standard rail 1100 series, generally for use in heights less than 7 feet for Light Commercial or Residential applications. The Heavy Panel (approx 1 1/2 inches deep) is for use with Alcuf heavy duty rail 1200 series, generally for use in Industrial applications or where height requirements demand optimum strength, and where noise transmission loss is required.

The interlocking construction provides an effective one piece sound or visual barrier when installed. Together with the interlocking frame design, this feature provides total system security and design integrity.

The Standard Panels can optionally be installed with aluminum extruded rail spacers, providing a variety of architectural designs. As with all Alcuf infills, Alcuf Aluminum Panels can be mixed with other infill profiles ie: Ornamental Pickets often are mixed into designs requiring open screening in strategic areas. Panels are available in a variety of baked enamel finishes (see dealer for details).

Features and Benefits

Compared to competitive products, Alcuf…

  • is Aluminum and does not rust or rot by nature;
  • does not need large equipment to install; this means
  • less personnel, and less time on site;
  • smaller installation vehicles due to its light weight;
  • by design requires less labour for the finishing stages;
  • is completely adjustable for future elevation changes;
  • is convertible and reusable;
  • and is 100% recyclable;
  • has a variety of infill alternatives;
  • has the lowest total life cycle cost as compared to other alternatives in every product line class


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